″A team of few young, driven soldiers led by an experienced General who knows how to win, is far better than an army of 10‚000 soldiers minus a General – All over the place‚ directionless like an Envelope without an address & as dead as a Dodo.″ 

˜Anupam Tripathi

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Mr Tripathi is a lawyer, an Author and writer, a Law Professor and an extremely active Animal Rights & Social causes Activist.    Mr Tripathi was admitted to the Bar in July 2004 after having graduated in first class from I.L.S, Law College, Pune. He topped Pune University in Constitutional law and in Legal History and was a rank holder in Pune University.   He is also a gold medallist in Moot Court Competitions and was felicitated with a gold medal and sponsorship by then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Late. Shri Vilas Rao Deshmukh during Annual day of his college for his outstanding contribution and achievements in Moot Court Competitions for his college. He was nominated for the Atur Sangtani Foundation Best Student Award, I.L.S, Law College, Pune, 2003-04. 

  He is the former national champion of the Surana and Surana Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition, 2003 and has also represented India at the World Stage of this event at the Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition, 2003 in Florida, U.S.A.  

He is also the proud recipient of a scholarship in LLM Program in International Law and Business awarded by the Stetson College of Law. Besides his BSL and LLB degrees he also holds Diplomas in Human Rights (DHR) and in Consumer Protection Laws (DCPL).  

He is a former Associate of AZB & Partners, Delhi where he was working on the transactional/ consulting side. He has also been an Associate of Associated Law Advisers, Delhi on the litigation/trial side. He has close associations with Vikram Kapoor & Co, Delhi on the litigation/ trial side as well as consulting side, besides having a strong network and business associations with Senior Lawyers and other Law offices across the length and breadth of the Country.

He has been associated with Jindal Global Law School as an Adjunct/ Visiting Professor wherein he has taught batches of 100 plus law students subjects like Civil Procedure Code. Mr Tripathi is  also associated with a large number of other Law colleges through internship programs his Firm offers and vide Seminars/ Talks and Workshops in the field of Animal Rights Laws and Activism for his NGO i.e. Fight for Animal Rights, India (FFAR India).

   Mr Tripathi leads the way as far as all aspects of litigation is concerned in all matters of Income Tax  of the clients of The Firm having had more than  13 years of experience of arguing matters of Income Tax with more than 2000 appearances in Delhi High Court, 100 plus appearances in Supreme Court of India, appearances in almost all High Courts in North India including the likes of Uttarakhand High Court at Nainital, Allahabad High Court, Rajasthan High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court at Chandigarh, ITAT, Delhi, ITAT, Kolkata and similar appearances before CIT Appeals in Delhi in Income tax cases.  

Mr Tripathi advises and represents his clients in all matters of Contracts law and in civil matters. Mr Tripathi has drafted and advised his clients in more than 2000 contracts and connected matters. The firm represents its clients in all matters of Contracts law and in all civil matters like suit for declaration, injunction, attachment, specific performance, suits for damages, suits for compensation, suits for recovery of money, partition suits etc. 

  The Firms Constitutional Law and Public Interests Litigation Practice is headed by Mr Tripathi who has had considerable amount of success in writ petitions under article 32 and article 226 of the Constitution of India in matters of public interest and in animal rights matters of State and National importance.  


"Humanity First, Then Nation, Then Purpose and after that ................ Family, Career, Job, Friends, Political Ideaology, Society, religion, People and Everything else" 

~Anupam Tripathi


Under the astute leadership and vision of its founder and Managing Partner- Mr Anupam Tripathi, The Practice has dedicated its focus and resources towards Nation Building taking up cases of National Importance and vast social, environmental, animal rights and health concerns in public interest before the Honble Supreme Court of India and in the Honble Delhi High Court. 


The Firm is currently having a modest 20 fresh Pubilic Interest Litigation (PILs) matters filed each month in cases of national importance, social causes, environmental, health and animal rights concerns before the Hon`ble Supreme Court of India and in the Delhi High Court. 


Some such pending PILs being pursued by The Firm currently in Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court are-

  • PIL against Cigarette Manufacturing Companies in Delhi High Court
  • PIL against illegal transport of cattle in Delhi High Court
  • PIL to save the river Yamuna in Delhi High Court
  • PIL to save the river Ganga in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL to save the Tigers of India in Supreme Court of India 
  • PIL to save the Wild Boars of Tamil Nadu from Culling in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL against Jallikattu in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL against corruption in politics and parties in Delhi High Court
  • PIL against use of Plastic in Delhi High Court
  • PIL for allowing access to Dogs in public parks pan India in Supreme Court of India 
  • PIL against Dog meat trade in Nagaland and Meghalaya in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL against Soldiers suicide in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL against public Schools for bettering their medical facilities in Delhi High Court
  • PIL for improvement of and privatization of Zoo`s in India in Delhi High Court
  • PIL against battery cages of Hens in Delhi High Court
  • PIL against use of name and and glorification of Aurangzeb in India in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL against culling of stray dogs in Kerala in Supreme Court of India
  • PIL for installation of CCTV cameras in Plice Stations in Delhi NCT in Delhi High Court.
  • PIL for the Birds fundamental right to fly in Supreme Court of India.


The above is only an illustrative list and by no means exhaustive. (As already discussed, The Firm takes up appx 20 such PIL`s each month for social causes in National Interest). 


The Firms Divorce law practice is headed by Mr Tripathi who has a success rate of in excess of 90% in matters of divorce cases. He has to his credit more than 450 divorce cases successfully handled for his clients in Delhi and NCR and also takes great pride in having saved more than 100 marriages in Delhi and NCR in the past 13 years of divorce law practice through effective mediation, counselling and reconciliation efforts.   Divorce Law is one of Mr Tripathi’ s forte, and in such cases he begins by offering consultations in matters of matrimonial discords. 1 hour may not seem like a lot, but it is sufficient time for him to obtain an overview of the situation, and render advice to assist in determining what the next step ought to be in case a client is looking for a divorce, or is not sure, or is in fact wanting to reconcile and save his/ her marriage.

Marital discord can be a traumatizing experience. Hence the firm follows a policy of saving marriages, as far as possible. All conciliation options are exhausted and numerous tries are made for re-conciliation by mediation, and only in cases where Mr Tripathi finally opines that the marriage is better off dissolved after having made serious efforts in saving it, do we resort to divorce. We aim to amicably resolve family issues through the use of mediation and negotiation wherever possible. We employ strong negotiation techniques. It is in the interest of all involved if the parties reach an amicable settlement. Many personal issues can be brought up during divorce proceedings, and we aim to resolve these, whether by agreement or litigation.

We settle cases on our clients behalf by negotiating from a position of strength and skill.   Out of the 450+ divorce cases that have been dealt with by the firm in the last 13 years, over 90% of them have been settled amicably by mutual consent whether within days of hire of the Firm’s services or sometimes even after more than a year of a contested divorce which later is converted into a Divorce by Mutual Consent once the parties arrive at an amicable settlement.  


In matters of divorce litigation, Mr Tripathi is often called upon in the most difficult of cases, where there is no precedent, or in cases where the previous lawyer had done a very average job and the client is looking for a change and decides to hire the best divorce lawyer in town. Once such case was when Mr Tripathi was hired to obtain a divorce in a matter of Divorce by Mutual Consent on-line through video conference and teleconference where one spouse was located in Panama City in Panama and the other in Toronto in Canada while the Divorce proceedings lay in the district court at Tis Hazari, which Mr Tripathi successfully handled in the year 2006. Mr Tripathi is one of the first and foremost Lawyer’s in India to have had success in a case of such nature.    

Mr Tripathi also provides advice on pre divorce planning and strategies helping clients protect their wealth and property from becoming targets of exaggerated alimony and maintenance suits and further in preventing harassment and difficulties that clients may face in the event of cases filed against them by their estranged spouse u/s 489A of IPC read with sec 3/4 of Dowry Prohibition Act or in cases of Domestic Violence. He not only handles such cases before the District Courts in Delhi and NCR having original jurisdiction in such matters but also argues and represent clients in related matters i.e. CM (M) Appeals and Sec 482 Crpc petitions before the High Court and in SLP’s and Transfer Petitions before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in cases of Divorce.  

Mr Tripathi is easily New Delhi’s best known Celebrity Divorce Lawyer having successfully represented a large number of celebrities including page 3 persons and big media persons in his long and illustrious list of clientele. These names are the whos who of New Delhi who at some point in time or the other have engaged his services and expertise in getting out of tricky and sometimes difficult matrimonial situations.

The Firms consumer law practice boasts of being lead once again by Mr Tripathi who has a success rate of 100 percent in over 200 plus cases of consumer disputes that he has represented his clients in so far in last 13 years. Mr Tripathi also holds in addition to his law degree, a Diploma in Consumer Protection Laws, 2000, from Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Pune. He represents clients in all Consumer forums in Delhi and before National as well as State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Some such cases have received vide media publicity on account of their far reaching impact. Some such cases have been won against Multi billion dollar MNC’s such as HP, McDonalds, Reliance Infocom, Tata Teleservices, LG Electronics to name a few.

On account of his expertise, experience and brilliant track record in consumer law, he has appeared on a large number of Live Chat shows on Radio 104.8 FM addressing a live audience in New Delhi advising them on consumer issues and problems. He has similarly appeared on TV shows of such nature on various TV News channels addressing live audience in matters of consumer disputes and cases. 

The Animal Rights Law Practice of the Firm is spearheaded by Mr Tripathi who is a dog lover himself, an active Animal Rights Activist, a volunteer for a plethora of Shelters and NGO’s. The Firm handles all matters of cruelty, abuse and killings of Animals covered under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, ABC Rules, Indian Penal Code among other.   

Mr Tripathi has more than 25 years of personal experience in handling dogs, he currently has 8 dogs of his own in his plush 300 yards Bungalow on Noida- Greater Noida Expressway. Mr Tripathi has extensively researched the treatment and cure of various canine diseases such as Parvo and Distemper.  

Mr Tripathi is also an avid food & Travel writer and critic who has written a book published by Things Asian Press in 2010 called “To North India with Love” along side noted authors such as Vir Sanghvi, Nabanita Dutt and Nana Chen. The book is a travel guide for the connoisseur. He also writes popular food and travel websites and has more than 40,000 followers of his reviews and critiques.


  Mr Tripathi was offered fellowship by Teach for India in one of their first batches of 2009 after being selected from amongst more than 65000 candidates competing for this position.   He holds the distinction of successfully obtaining divorce in matters of Divorce by Mutual Consent on-line through video conference and teleconference in the year 2006. He was one of the first and foremost Lawyer’s in India to have had success in a case of such nature.  


As a former Senior Standing Counsel for the Income Tax Department he has represented the department before The Delhi High Court in cases of Domestic and International Taxation, investigation, appeals and writ petitions among other. His record as Senior Standing Counsel for the Income Tax Department before Delhi High Court was impeccable. His standing before the division bench of the High Court in tax matters is extremely good resulting in a large number of favourable orders and judgments in his favour for the revenue against assessee’s. These have been reported judgments in Taxman and ITR’s. Owing to his efforts, standing, reputation and results that he brought for the Revenue in Tax matters before the Delhi High Court, he was also engaged as a Special Counsel for the Revenue in an important exemption matter before the ITAT by the Central Board of Direct Taxes after request and recommendation from DIT and DG Exemption, Delhi.  


During his tenure as a Senior Standing Counsel, he represented CIT 1, CIT 5, CIT 11, DIT International Tax 1 and 2, DIT Exemption and CIT Central wherein he got the privilege of working closely with the Commissioner’s of Income Tax, Additional Commissioners, AO’s (Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, ITO’s) and Inspectors on a daily basis. He also shared a great working relationship with CIT Judicial and practically all officers of his respective charges. He did not just represent the department in appeals arising out of ITAT in High Court but also regularly advised the department on matters of feasibility of appeal at the stage of filing before High Court and also advised them on feasibility of SLP’s before Supreme Court of India arising out of Orders of High Court.


This invaluable experience taught him the ways and means of functioning of Departmental Representatives, their thought process and helped him understand the overall thinking and functioning of the taxman. This experience of working closely with the department would make his advice and representation far more practical, accurate and effective for an Assessee who would engage his services.   Since his resignation from the Income Tax Department in 2013, he has been regularly representing Assessee’s before the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Allahabad High Court, Uttarakhand High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Rajasthan High Court, and Calcutta High Court and in ITAT Delh and ITAT Kolkata besides taking up some high profile appeals cases before CIT appeals.     


Prakash Chandra


Senior Consultant   

Mr Prakash Chandra, Retd. Chairman of CBDT, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India is a Senior Consultant with the Firm and leads the way as far as all aspects of Transactional/ Corporate advisory services are concerned in all matters of direct taxation of clients of the Firm and is the best man in Country to advise on all such aspects of direct taxation having had 44 years of administrative experience in Income Tax matters, thus his advice is not just accurate but also helpful from the point of view of understanding how the Tax Man thinks.


The Practice uses his rich experience and A1 expertise in all matters before it connected with direct taxation.



Anand Saxena




Anand Saxena is a law graduate from University College of Law, Udaipur, and 2014- batch. He was earlier enrolled with Bar Council of Rajasthan before taking a transfer and enrolling himself with Bar Council of Delhi.


Before joining “THE PRACTICE”, as an Associate, Anand worked with Advocates in the District Courts on both the civil as well as on the criminal side for close to 1.5 years wherein he handled matters assisting his seniors of various kinds such as criminal bail matters of regular bails, anticipatory bails and interim bails. He handled matters of Cheating, Forgery, Criminal Breach of Trust and cheque bouncing cases. On the civil side he handled matters of injunction, suits for partition, declaration suits and matrimonial matters.


Anand is a young, energetic and proactive lawyer who is looking forward to making a mark in his stint as an Associate at “THE PRACTICE” and in the legal profession. 


Sneha Verma



Sneha Verma is a law graduate from Amity Law School, Noida.She is from the batch 2009-2014. Before joining “The Practice” as an Associate, she worked with Randeep Sharma and Advocates, Pune. She has also worked under Kapoor & Company, New Delhi dealing with the civil side cases. She has interned at varied places such as SKV Associates Vaish Asociates and Advocates, Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn ,Kanpur, and under  Mr. R.S. Tyagi, Advocate , Kanpur.



She has worked extensively in real estate and banking law. She has dealt with cases pertaining to clients such as RBL, Tata Communications Limited, Cocoberry, ICCI Bank, etc. She  has also cleared Airforce Common Admission Test, 2014. She is very hardworking and diligent and she is looking forward to carving her niche in “The Practice”.


Aarti Manchanda




 Aarti Manchanda is a fresh law graduate from Amity Law School, Noida. She is from the batch 2012-2017. She has interned at varied places such as the Indian Law Institute, Videocon-Legal cell, Zeus Law Associates  and Karanjawala & Co. during the course  of her law degree. She has also done a Summer Internship in London which was a dual internship that involved a course in International Law, Court visits and the understanding of the Legal System of United Kingdom.


She has also been a part of a student exchange programme with Methodist Girls’ School, Singapore. She has also participated in seminars on Cyber Security and worked in workshops. Her main areas of interest are Intellectual Property Rights, Labour Laws and Alternate Dispute Resolution, mainly Arbitration and she is interested in carving her place as a dedicated Associate in The Practice.


Nihaarika Jauhari



 Nihaarika Jauhari is a graduate from Amity Law School, Noida with a specialization in Business Laws. She has worked previously in Rajiv Saxena & Associates,Delhi in the field of taxation and was mainly involved in Legal Research and Court proceedings. She has also prepared for UPSC exams and has a deep knowledge of law. She has also interned in various fields of law extensively during her college days in law offices such as R.S. Prabhu and Co., Hammurabi & Solomon, K. Dutta and Associates and AB & Co. Law Offices.


She has been an avid mooter and has participated in a number of moots during the course of her degree. She was also the Vice President of the Moot Court Society of her college in 2013. She is an animal lover and activist and is associated with a number of animal welfare organisations and is also a co-partner in one of them. Thus, she is deeply interested in animal rights litigation. Her motto in life is to learn new things, expand her horizons and accept new challenges with open arms. She brings the same zeal and enthusiasm to “The Practice” as an Associate.


Rishi Chaturvedi



Rishi Chaturvedi is a law graduate from Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. He has completed his Law Course and obtained degree in Law in the year 2017. Before joining The Practice as an associate, he has also worked as an intern with The Firm for a very long time and has shown his diligent and hardworking nature. He is also an animal lover and has worked extensively for the NGO – Fight For Animal Rights and has been a Trustee for the same.


He has been greatly active in sports and extra-curricular activities during his school and college days. He has an exemplary bend towards law and is proficient in all the skills that are needed to become a successful lawyer. He is devoted to his work and his strength is his willingness to learn new things quickly. He is an enthusiastic and proactive young lawyer and willing to carve his place as an important Associate at The Practice.


my name


Sumit Kumar



Mr. Sumit Kumar was admitted to the bar in June, 2012 after graduating, B.A.LLB with distinction from Symbiosis Law School, Pune under Symbiosis International University, SIU. During the last four years in legal practice, Mr. Kumar has specialized in criminal law making himself a niche bail and trial criminal lawyer.


Mr. Kumar has a very good track record in the last four years in securing interim bails, regular bails and anticipatory bails from District Courts of Delhi. Besides being an able and a good criminal lawyer with a proud record in securing bails for clients, Sumit also has experience in handling a large variety of other civil and quasi criminal matters and cases such as intellectual property rights, cyber law, competition commission matters, consumer matters, armed forces tribunal matters, etc. Not only does Mr Kumar specialize in criminal matters before the district courts of Delhi, but he is also fairly well adept in handling matters before the Honble Delhi High Court as well. He also occasionally appears before the Honble Supreme Court of India. 


Mr Sumit Kumar was an active mooter and debater in Law College at Symbiosis Law School. In individual subjects of law such as Law of Evidence, Administrative law, Environmental law, Constitutional law, Indian penal code, he has done very well academically in his college days. Besides having his B.A.,LLB degree in law from Symbiosis law school, pune, Sumit also holds diploma’s in Cyber Laws from ASEAN SCHOOL OF CYBER LAWS, pune and another diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from WIPO. Mr. Sumit Kumar has contributed to the drafting of the book titled our constitution- Defaced and Defiled authored by Shri N.A. Palkhivala.


Mr Kumar has also researched and presented papers various legal on topics i.e.  legal framework for the governance of commons, Hate speeches, communal violence and the Indian penal Code, The diversity of the criminal justice system, The rights to privacy and media.


Mr. Kumar in his college days was the winner of the All India National Moot Court Competition, 2012 organized by SDM Law College and the centre for post graduate studies and research in law, Mangalore in February 2012., the diversity of the criminal justice system, The rights to privacy and media. Mr. Kumar in his college days was the winner of the All India National Moot Court Competition, 2012 organized by SDM Law College and the centre for post graduate studies and research in law, Mangalore in February 2012. Prior to graduating in law, Mr. Sumit Kumar trained under many lawyers and law firms to gain experience while still in college. These names included training under Hon’ble Justice Sanjeev khanna, at Delhi High Court, Senior advocate Mr. Jayant Bhusan,The Practice, Advocates and consultants, additional Solicitor General of India- Mr. Vivek Tankha, Shri R.N Singh- Advocates and solicitors at Kolkata.


Ashish Batra



Admitted to the Bar in 2009, Ashish is LL.M from National Law University Jodhpur. He did his graduation in BA LL.B and holds Diploma in Corporate mergers & Acquisitions and Diploma in Cyber Laws. He is handling Matrimonial Disputes pertaining to Divorce cases, Maintenance cases, Bail Matters before District courts of Delhi.‘ THE PRACTICE ’uses his expertise in matters pertaining to matrimonial disputes from time to time. 


Honey Jain




Admitted to the Bar in 2009.Honey Jain is LL.M from National Law University Jodhpur. He did his graduation in BA LL.B and holds Diploma in Corporate mergers & Acquisitions, Diploma in Cyber Laws and Diploma in Human Rights. He is handling Matrimonial Disputes pertaining to Divorce cases, Maintenance cases, Bail Matters before District courts of Delhi‘THE PRACTICE ’ uses his expertise in matters pertaining to  matrimonial disputes from time to time.



Mayank Tripathi



Mayank Tripathi is a law graduate from New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. Mayank has been a straight A student securing an average of 65% marks in his B.A.LL.B. course. Besides his B.A.LLB. degree, Mayank also holds certificates and diplomas in cyber laws from Asian School of Cyber Laws Pune and Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University 2005-06, diplomas in mergers and acquisitions laws from Asian School of Cyber Laws Pune 2006-07, diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from WIPO Geneva (online course) 2007-08 and diploma in Intellectually Property Rights, 2008-09 from Symbiosis Law College International University, Pune.   Before joining “The Practice” as Consultant, Mayank has previously interned with Global Legal Associates at New Delhi, Anil Kumar Tiwari at Patna High Court, Harini & Co. at Pune and at the office of The Practice at New Delhi wherein he gained valuable experience and exposure regarding corporate/transactional law and knowledge relating to drafting of various contracts and agreements.


Mayank Tripathi is a bright, determined and a through professional who is a vital asset to The Practice.



Arun Kumar Sinha


Sr. Consultant  

Mr.Arun Kuma Sinha is an Advocate on record in the Supreme Court of India. He has been practicing in the Supreme Court for more than last 35 years. The Practice uses his chamber as well as his rich and vast experience in Supreme Court from time to time. 

D. P Tripathi

Sr. Consultant  

Mr D.P Tripathi is a former Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing and also former Secretary, Ministry of Railways. He is a law graduate from Allahabad University, enrolled with the Bar since February, 2003. He is a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association.


Mr DP Tripathi is also a legal Advisor, Tetra Pack industries. “THE PRACTICE” uses his rich and vast experience and expertise in various matters pertaining to Company Laws, Railways, CAT, Consumer laws interalia practice areas. 

S.C. Tripathi


Sr. Consultant  

Mr SC Tripathi is a former Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum. He is a law graduate from Allahabad University, enrolled with the Bar since January 2006. “THE PRACTICE” uses his rich and vast experience and expertise in various matters pertaining to Foreign Policies, Finance, Petroleum Laws, Administrative Laws, CAT, interalia practice areas. 

Vijay Bahadur Singh


Sr. Consultant  


Mr Vijay Bahdur Singh is a Senior Advocate, Allahabad High Court handling company related matters for the past more than 45 years. “THE PRACTICE” uses his rich and vast experience and expertise in various matters pertaining to Company Laws. Mr VB Singh is also a former MP, Lok Sabha from BSP.  

Vikram Kapoor


Sr. Consultant  

Admitted to the Bar in 1972, he has been handling matters pertaining to Taxation, Customs and Excise, Sales Tax and Income Tax for the last 35 years, besides all types of civil litigation at all levels. He handles various intricate issues pertaining to these fields of law in various Courts and Tribunals in Delhi including the High Court of Delhi, The Sales Tax Tribunal, the Income Tax Tribunal and CEGAT. He has successfully handled search and seizure matters. He is also well adept in handling matters on the criminal side, such as 498 A IPC matters, 406 IPC matters, Matters of criminal defamation, Fraud, cheating etc.


THE PRACTICE uses his chamber in Delhi High Court and also his expertise, guidance and experience from time to time depending on case to case.   He was elected as the Secretary Income-Tax Bar Association for the year 1979-1980. He was also the President of the Sales-Tax Bar Association from 1993-1994. Vikram Kapoor is a member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association and Supreme Court of India.


M.P.S Bindra


Sr. Consultant  

Mr Bindra was admitted to the Bar in 1979. He has been successfully handling matters pertaining to Civil, Criminal, Revenue, Motor Accident Claims, Labor laws and Industrial Disputes for the last 30 years before District courts of Chandigarh and Panchkula. He has been representing several nationalized banks such as Punjab and Sind Bank, Central Bank of India and Co-Operative Banks. He has been rendering Legal Assistance to ‘Prudential Capital Marketing limited.


THE PRACTICE uses his expertise, and experience from time to time in matters and cases of its clients pending in Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh.   

Pankaj Kapoor



Pankaj is a graduate, LL.B. (Hons.) from Amity Law School, I.P. University, Delhi. He also holds Diploma in Cyber Laws. Admitted to the Bar in 2005, Pankaj is handling criminal and civil matters in various Courts. His areas of specialization are Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Rights Law. He has opined on several issues/handled assignments pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights Law, Infrastructure Laws, Banking, Company Law, Cyber Law and other corporate matters pertaining to Takeovers, Mergers, Amalgamation etc. He has extensively drafted Agreements/ Contracts and has been handling matters pertaining to Banking Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Suits for Partition, Possession, Recovery of Debts, Injunctions, Insurance etc. He handles litigation in various Courts and Tribunals in and around Delhi. He is also a member of Delhi High Court Bar Association.   

Neelofer Syed



Attorney Neelofer Syed is also the founding member of the International Immigration Law firm which has its offices in Tampa FL, Orlando FL, and Fairfax VA. Ms. Syed established this Law Firm with primary goal of helping clients not only by representing them in legal matters but also treating them compassionately. 



Neelofer Syed practices in the areas of Immigration Law and International Business Transactions throughout the United States and internationally. She handles a variety of immigration cases including employment based visas / adjustments, family based visas / adjustments, Labor Certification (PERM), visas for entertainment groups, asylum, battered spouse, deportation & removal, DACA, as well as citizenship. She also handles cases pertaining to international Business Transactions and offers to review cross border contracts entered into between private parties. She is also responsible for Perez & Associates affiliation with law firms in India, Pakistan and Egypt and, through those affiliations, offers legal services in India, Pakistan, and Egypt.



Ms. Syed is licensed to practice Immigration Law in all 50 states of the United States and before all United States Consulates and Embassies. She is also licensed to practice law in Pakistan.   



Ms. Syed obtained her law degree from Punjab University Law College in 1994 and her Masters Degree (LLM) with honors from the Stetson Law School in 2004 where she was awarded the Deans Award, the highest award given by the law school. Ms. Syed has also served as an Intern with the Office of Senator Bill Nelson Of Florida. While engaged in active practice of law in Pakistan Ms. Syed successfully argued cases all the way through the Pakistani Superior Courts. In addition, she was very involved in human rights activities, especially in the area of rights for women, children, and laborers. These included serving as the Human Rights Coordinator for the Province of Punjab, as Secretary of the Punjab Chapter of the Pakistan Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy, as a Director of Rugmark International, an organization dedicated to eradicating child labor, and as a collaborator with Fair Trade where she designed and implemented a micro credit program in Sialkot, Pakistan, designed to provide supplementary income to skilled laborers in the sporting goods industry to reduce the incidence of child labor. 



Ms. Syed is listed in a Whos Who of American Universities and Colleges and has been featured in the national legal magazine National Jurist as well as several newspapers. She is a recipient of the Woman of Achievement award from the Women on the Way organization. 



Ms. Syeds offices include a fellow of the Foreign Relation Committee of Tampa Bay, the Advisory Board of Stetson Law School. She was also Co-Chair of the International Law Section of the St. Petersburg Bar Association.  Her memberships include the State Bar of Michigan, the Detroit Bar Association of Michigan, the Lahore High Court Bar in Pakistan, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Tampa Chapter of the United Nations Association, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Bar Association in U.K.  The Firm uses Neelofer’s expertise and experience in all matters of immigration to the USA.    

Amandeep Bindra



Admitted to the Bar in 2006, He has experience in handling assignments pertaining to Consumer laws, Labor laws, Industrial disputes and Motor accident claims. He has been drafting Agreements relating to suits including permanent and mandatory injunctions, suits for declaration under C.P.C & Civil appeal matters. The Practices uses his services in matters and cases of its clients pending before Panchkula and Chandigarh.  

Apaeksha Vohra



Apeksha Vohra is a law graduate from Government Law College (GLC) Mumbai and was admitted to the bar in the year 2004. She has been a national level mooter during her college days. Apeksha is practicing before the District courts of Mumbai on the civil as well as criminal side for past five years. “The Practice” uses her services from time to time while representing its client and in cases pertaining to Mumbai and Maharashtra. 

Prashant Singh Atal


Prashant Singh is an advocate practicing before High Court and District Courts of Lucknow, U.P. for the past 13-15 years or so. He has represented famous personalities such as Varun Gandhi. The Practice uses his experience and expertise while representing its clients and cases before High Court and District Courts of Lucknow, U.P.  

Venkatesh Garg


Venkatesh Garg is a graduate from ILS Law College, batch of 2005. He is a consultant with the Firm in Jaipur. The Firm uses his services from time to time for local support and services in its legal matters in state of Rajasthan and in particular in Jaipur.

Shishir Prakash



Shishir Prakash is a lawyer at the Allahabad High Court practicing since last more than 11 years. He is a graduate from ILS, Law College, Pune and a batch mate and friend of Mr Tripathi . He handles matters both on the civil as well as on the criminal side and is very resourceful and effective in getting the work done for clients. The Firm uses his good office from time to time for its matters in Allahabad High Court.  



To follow Mr Tripathi or connect with him you may log onto Facebook at below mentioned links: 

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