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″Ability, energy, intelligence, hard work and most importantly loyalty are the 5 traits or must haves for an ideal team man in any situation, firm, organisation. Without the 5th trait of loyalty, the 4 traits would prove rather counterproductive and thus work against you, your firm, organisation. Pay attention to loyalty always.″ ˜Anupam Tripathi 

Work Timings:

Mon- Friday (Gents): 10.00am to 8.00pm

Mon-Friday(Ladies) 9.30am to 7.00pm

Sat/ Sundays and National Holidays are off days. However 2/3 hours of office work may be conducted on these days depending on urgency of matter/ case/ upcoming compliances and or hearings in Court. 

IT Policy:

All data worked on in the Firm is the intellectual property of the The Practice. Deleting of such data or taking away such data without permission of the management of the Firm is strictly prohibited and illegal.

All data worked on by the members of the Firm including Interns shall be stored on the desktops in the folder by their names inside of month wise folders.

NO DATA SHALL BE DELETED! Personal Laptops are permitted at work in with prior permission of the Management of the Firm.

The broadband internet and wifi at office is meant to be used for work purpose only and not for personal use.

Downloading of Audio files, Movies or any data for personal consumption and use is strictly prohibited. Any member found in violation of this rule may not just be reprimanded, but may also become liable for disciplinary action.

All members are expected to observe this rule strictly and ensure that the internet facility is not being abused at work and also to ensure that internet is being used at work responsibly.


Every Associate, Senior Associate shall be entitled to 20 leaves with pay in a year i.e not exceeding 1.5 leaves with pay in a month.

An Intern/ Trainee (incase of Paid Internship) is entitled to 1 leave with pay per month.

The Staff (Peon) (Steno) is entitled to 12 leaves with pay in a year i.e not exceeding 1 leave in a month.

Every member shall strictly abide by the work timings. A member coming to work more than one hour late to office or leaving from work one hour early than the scheduled time with or without permission of the management of the firm shall be construed to have taken a half day, hence 50% of his or her salary for that day shall be deducted.

Lunch hour: Between 2:00p.m to 3:00p.m (Lunch hour is flexible depending on urgency of work and deadline set etc. It shall be limited to a maximum of one hour period only)

All out of pocket and claimable reimbursement expenses may be claimed by the members at the end of each calendar month after submission of details thereof in the format and document provided for this purpose.

All members work in the firm on the confidence of the Management of the Firm irrespective of terms of their offer letters. Any member can and may be asked to be relieved from employment/work with the immediate notice with or without any reasons provided thereof. In such case, He/She shall be paid no more than 7 days of their salary in lieu of such relieving and be paid for the number of days at work completed in the month and any previous dues or reimbursements only. Any member wishing to leave work/employment is required to give 7 days notice to the management of the firm (Notice in writing). In the event he/she fails to give 7 days notice, the management shall be entitled to forfeiting 7 days pending salary of the said member.



(Fresh Graduates who have not yet obtained their Bar Enrolment Numbers and ID Cards)

Salary/ Fee: Rs. 13,000/- P.M.

Conveyance: Rs.1500/- P. M

Telephone: Rs.500/- P.M

Duration: 3 months or till obtainment of Bar Enrolment Numbers and ID Cards

Increments: Nil

Bonus: Rs xxx (On the occasions of New Year’s and or Diwali only)


The Assistant Associate shall be promoted to Associate on successful completion of 3 months or till obtainment of Bar Enrolment Numbers and ID Cards, at the sole discretion of the management of the firm.


(Lawyers with 0-3 years of experience)

Salary/ Fee: Starting from Rs. 15,000/- upto 20,000/- (depending on experience and merit)

Conveyance: Rs.2000/-

Telephone: Rs.1000/-

Duration: 3 Years

Increments: An Associate may get annual increments @ 10-25% of his/ her annual salary at the sole discretion of the management of the firm.

Bonus: Rs xxxx (For the occasions of New Year and or Diwali only)

Promotions: The Associate may be promoted to Senior Associate in a period of 3 years at the sole discretion of the management of the firm.


1. reading and searching cause list: 
2. seeking date & Passover in a court: 
3. filing documents in a court and seeking next date:
3A. Appearing and arguing miscellaneous applications in Court: 
3B. Appearing and arguing in admission matters and other miscellaneous hearing matters in District Courts and District Forums.
4. studying case file: 
5. case briefing: 
6. assisting in court as junior co counsel: 
7. legal research: 
8. general & business research on google: 
9. taking dictations: 
10. drafting of a dictated document: 
11. drafting of a legal document independently: 
12. email & tele call follow ups with clients updating them on case status, next date, pending bills, follow up on bills payments: 
13. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in supreme court: 
14. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in delhi high court: 
15. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in district courts: 
16. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in NCDRC, SCDRC, ITAT, CIT (A), district forums: 
17. compliance matters such as: Filing for PF; Applying for certified copy of documents; Applying for and purchase of court fee; file inspection; dasti service of notice; 
18. sending documents by speed post & courier: 
19. tele calls with potential clients/ important persons/ offices and fixing up appointment for meetings with them in the office of the firm or in their offices; & promotion of FFAR India (our NGO) on social media platforms, 
21. Miscellaneous work connected to above.


Dated-22ndDecember, 2017

Subject: Internal Policy Memo- Internal Notice for all members including Associates and Trainees/Interns - 22nd December, 2017- Urgent- to be strictly complied with


Dear Practice-ites & FFAR India Fighters,

Kindly ensure with immediate effect that the below mentioned office rules and policies are being strictly complied with:

1)      Office timings (for ladies- Monday to Friday - 9:30 AM to 7 PM, for gents- 10 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday.) Saturdays and or Sundays when working (11:30 AM to 4 PM) or (2:30 PM to 5 PM) for both ladies and gents.

1A. Any member coming to office more than half an hour late or leaving half an hour early from the mandatory office timings shall be considered to have taken a half day leave for that day.

1B. All members are required to ensure that they strictly abide by the above timings or else it may be a ground for termination of their employment and or Internship Program.

2)      It has come to our notice that some disgruntled interns who worked with us for a few days (barely 5-7 days) and failed to live up to our high standards and complete their Internship Program with us are spreading vicious lies and rumors about our robust, vibrant, popular and extremely competitive internship program which has trained and positively impacted the lives and careers of more than 1000 law students and 75 Associates in the last 14 years. All members are advised strongly to apply their own mind and not fall for these vicious rumors and lies being spread by a few losers and disgruntled persons who were just not good enough to compete and not worthy enough to successfully complete the internship opportunity provided to them and are now going all over town bickering  about us.

2A. Lawctopus review(a popular law students’ website) has brought it to our notice on 21st December, 2017 that these disgruntled persons (3 of them) have been spreading rumors and lying to their teeth that we instruct our Interns and force them to write positive reviews on Lawctopus about their internship experiences with us. We do not do so and have never done it and a 1000 of our law students would vouch for that. If any member including the current batch of trainees/interns is under such misconception and wrong impression then kindly correct your view on this.

2B. I shall go a step further and let it be known to the current batch of interns and all future batches of interns that they should write what their experiences are as honestly as possible on Lawctopus review. We have never encouraged them nor asked anyone to deliberately write a positive review on Lawctopus. We merely ask as part of completion of formalities to write a review on Lawctopus, submit it and publish it on Lawctopus and then share it with us. We do not even know the contents what a trainee or intern has written on Lawctopus review until he has already sent and published it on Lawctopus review.

2C. I would in fact encourage all trainees, if they have a negative experience in our internship program to write about it as much as they want on Lawctopus review. I encourage you to write whatever your experiences have been and give an exact and truthful account of experiences on Lawctopus review.

3) All members, specially interns are informed that we have now put in place a screening process even before you get an opportunity to work with us. After completion of the mandatory screening process only are you sent appointment letters for an internship with us.

3A. Our appointment letter sent to you contain details and description of the work you will be doing in our firm and what is expected of you. Before you say yes to joining us as an intern, we expect you to go through our detailed appointment letter and understand the nature and description and extreme competitiveness of the work that will be given to you, only then you say yes to us, to work with us and then we give you an opportunity to work with us for a period of 1 month (22 working days).

3B. On your 1st day of internship, when you report to us, our 32-point grading system is shared with you, so that it is well known to you that, in your 1 month internship, how you will be graded, how your performance will be rated by us.

3C. In our grading system, we are transparent, brutally honest and past trainees in our office have secured percentage varying from 27% to 96%. This is the wide range of variety and variation in the performance of the 1000 and more law students we have trained.

3D.Our system of grading is impeccable and superior to any law firm in India & our internship program is more valuable, competitive than any internship program of any law firm in this country. We are proud of our robust, vibrant, transparent, competitive and extremely popular internship program.

All members are expected to be conscious of the above and strictly abide by the same.


By order.



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