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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. Why should I engage The Practice for my case in Delhi High Court?



Ans. At The Practice, you shall be represented in Delhi High Court by Mr Tripathi who shall argue your case assisted by his team. Mr Tripathi has experience of more than 12 years in Delhi High Court. He has more than 2500 appearances in Delhi High Court before many benches and judges of Delhi High Court and shares a very good standing and has tremendous face value before most such benches. This shall hold you and your case in very good stead and shall help you win your case. You should thus engage The Practice. 


Q. Why should I engage The Practice for my case in Supreme Court of India?


Ans. At The Practice, you shall be represented in Supreme Court by Mr Tripathi who shall argue your case assisted by his team. Mr Tripathi has experience of more than 12 years in Supreme Court. He has more than 250 appearances in Supreme Court before many benches and judges of Supreme Court and shares a very good standing and has tremendous face value before most such benches. This shall hold you and your case in very good stead and shall help you win your case. You should thus engage The Practice.


Q. Why should I engage The Practice in my Disctrict Court Matters?


Ans. The Practice led by Mr Tripathi and his team has more than 5000 appearances in District Courts of Delhi. The Practice not only has cases it represents its clients in the 6 disctrict Courts of Delhi but also has cases of its clients in Noida District Court, Ghaziabad District Court and in Gurugram. Such vast experience and exposureof The Practice shall hold you and your case in a very goodstead going forward.  



Q. Why should I engage The Practice for my consumer case in NCDRC, SCDRC or other Consumer Courts?


Ans. The Firm’s consumer law practice boasts of being lead once again by Mr Tripathi who has a success rate of 100 percent in over 150 odd cases with over 750 appearances in Consumer Courts that he has represented his clients in so far in last 12 years. Mr Tripathi also holds in addition to his law degree, a Diploma in Consumer Protection Laws, 2000, from Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Pune. He represents clients in all Consumer forums in Delhi and before National as well as State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.



Some such cases have received vide media publicity on account of their far reaching impact. Some such cases have been won against Multi billion dollar MNC’s such as HP, McDonalds, Reliance Infocom, Tata Teleservices, LG Electronics to name a few. On account of his expertise, experience and brilliant track record in consumer law, he has appeared on a large number of Live Chat shows on Radio 104.8 FM addressing a live audience in New Delhi advising them on consumer issues and problems. He has similarly appeared on TV shows of such nature on various TV News channels addressing live audience in matters of consumer disputes and cases.  




Q. Why should I engage The Practice for my divorce case?



Ans. The Firm’s Divorce law practice is headed by Mr Tripathi who has a success rate of in excess of 90% in matters of divorce cases. He has to his credit more than 400 divorce cases successfully handled for his clients in Delhi and NCR and also takes great pride in having saved more than 100 marriages in Delhi and NCR in the past 12 years of divorce law practice through effective mediation, counselling and reconciliation efforts.  



Divorce Law is one of Mr Tripathi’s forte, and in such cases he begins by offering consultations in matters of matrimonial discords. 1 hour may not seem like a lot, but it is sufficient time for him to obtain an overview of the situation, and render advice to assist in determining what the next step ought to be in case a client is looking for a divorce, or is not sure, or is in fact wanting to reconcile and save his/ her marriage.  



Marital discord can be a traumatizing experience. Hence the firm follows a policy of saving marriages, as far as possible. All conciliation options are exhausted and numerous tries are made for re-conciliation by mediation, and only in cases where Mr Tripathi finally opines that the marriage is better off dissolved after having made serious efforts in saving it, do we resort to divorce. We aim to amicably resolve family issues through the use of mediation and negotiation wherever possible. We employ strong negotiation techniques. It is in the interest of all involved if the parties reach an amicable settlement.



Many personal issues can be brought up during divorce proceedings, and we aim to resolve these, whether by agreement or litigation. We settle cases on our clients’ behalf by negotiating from a position of strength and skill.



Out of the 400+ divorce cases that have been dealt with by the firm in the last 12 years, over 90% of them have been settled amicably by mutual consent whether within days of hire of the Firm’s services or sometimes even after more than a year of a contested divorce which later is converted into a Divorce by Mutual Consent once the parties arrive at an amicable settlement.    



In matters of divorce litigation, Mr Tripathi is often called upon in the most difficult of cases, where there is no precedent, or in cases where the previous lawyer had done a very average job and the client is looking for a change and decides to hire the best divorce lawyer in town. Once such case was when Mr Tripathi was hired to obtain a divorce in a matter of Divorce by Mutual Consent on-line through video conference and teleconference where one spouse was located in Panama City in Panama and the other in Toronto in Canada while the Divorce proceedings lay in the district court at Tis Hazari, which Mr Tripathi successfully handled in the year 2006.Mr Tripathi is one of the first and foremost Lawyer’s in India to have had success in a case of such nature.



Mr Tripathi also provides advice on pre divorce planning and strategies helping clients protect their wealth and property from becoming targets of exaggerated alimony and maintenance suits and further in preventing harassment and difficulties that clients may face in the event of cases filed against them by their estranged spouse u/s 489A of IPC read with sec 3/4 of Dowry Prohibition Act or in cases of Domestic Violence.



He not only handles such cases before the District Courts in Delhi and NCR having original jurisdiction in such matters but also argues and represent clients in related matters i.e. CM (M) Appeals and Sec 482 Crpc petitions before the High Court and in SLP’s and Transfer Petitions before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in cases of Divorce.  



Mr Tripathi is easily New Delhi’s best known Celebrity Divorce Lawyer having successfully represented a large number of celebrities including page 3 persons and big media persons in his long and illustrious list of clientele. These names are the who’s who of New Delhi who at some point in time or the other have engaged his services and expertise in getting out of tricky and sometimes difficult matrimonial situations.  



Q. Why should I engage The Practice for my Income Tax appeal in Delhi High Court or in Supreme Court?



The Practice is the best and the ultimate law firm in area of Taxation- especially Income Tax Law. If you have any problem related to Income Tax we are here to provide solutions to all your worries.



The firm is acclaimed for its legal acumen and skill of its highly knowledgeable team led by the combined duo of Mr Prakash Chandra (Retd. Chairman, CBDT) & Mr Tripathi who is a former Senior Standing Counsel of the Income Tax Department‚ Delhi HighCourt.  What make us stand apart from the other law firms in the country is the wide experience and knowledge of this duo of father & Son. 



Our direct taxation team has a combined experience of more than 55 years between the father and son duo of Mr. Prakash Chandra, Retd. Chairman of CBDT, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, who is a Senior Consultant with the Firm and Mr. Anupam Tripathi, Former Senior Standing Counsel, Income Tax Department, Ministry of finance, Govt. of India who spearheads the firm as its Founder and Managing Partner.



While Mr Chandra leads the way on all matter of taxation advise‚ consulting‚ advice & transactional matters of tax are concerened. Mr. Tripathi leads the way as far as all aspects of litigation is concerned in matters of Income Tax  of the clients of The Firm, having had more than  12 years of experience of arguing matters of Income Tax with more than 2000 appearances in Delhi High Court, 100 plus appearances in Supreme Court of India, appearances in almost all High Courts in North India including the likes of Uttarakhand High Court at Nainital, Allahabad High Court, Punjab & Haryana High Court at Chandigarh, ITAT, Delhi, ITAT, Kolkata and similar appearances before CIT Appeals in Delhi in Income tax cases.


Thus a client is hugely benefited in hiring the services of The Firm, as its advise is not just accurate and efficient, but is also extremely practical from the point of view of understanding of how A). The Tax man thinks and B). How the Courts are likely to decide in cases of income tax matters owing to The Firm’s rich experience and expertise in litigation.



The Firm also has in its ranks a number of Chartered Accountants and other Taxation Lawyers on the field who work as consultants with the Firm in attending to all your direct taxation needs and concerns.


So whether it’s the tax man bothering you at the AO or CIT (A) stage or if you are in need for a sound and effective representation in your case before ITAT, High Courts or in Supreme Court of India, or whether you need effective and practical representation before DRP or AAR and the like, The Practice is the ‘Go TO’ Firm.  



Q. Why should I engage The Practice for an article 226 or 32 writ matter or PIL matter?



The Practice is the most sought after law firm which specializes in providing in house advisory and litigation services to its clients in cases of Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and Allahabad High Court.  



We at The Practice are dedicated to professional excellence, high quality support and effective solution-oriented advocacy. Our approach is simple, direct and uncompromising pursuit of solutions & results for our clients. The success of our clients is ultimately our own. We believe in offering uncompromising quality services to the clients based on the latest law position. We, at The Practice Advocates and Consultants, represent causes for public good.



A commitment to public service has always been deeply ingrained in our firm culture. The firm’s Public Interests Litigation Practice is headed by Mr. Tripathi who has had considerable amount of success in Writ Petitions under Article 32 and Article 226 of the Constitution of India in matters of public interest.  



Mr Tripathi is a lawyer, an author & writer, a Law Professor and an extremely active Animal Rights Activist who also takes up social causes for public good. 



We have a well experienced, versatile and dedicated team of practicing advocates including a long list of AOR’s of the Supreme Court working vigorously toward ultimate satisfaction of our client and their causes.



Our team of astute and brilliant legal minds led by Mr Tripathi takes pride in the quality of the services that we provide. We do not only fight in court for these social causes, but we inhale it, put ourselves in the same shoe and live that case.



We understand the impact and importance of such matters and values the concerns of the clients. We have been engrossed in the momentous Public interest cases which had a great impact on society such as Dog Walk PIL, CCTV Cameras in Delhi, Stray Dog Case, Birds Case and Jallikattu Case.



The firm has the vast experience and expertise in such matters and help clients in representing or defending their cases in Supreme Court and High Courts.



So whether it’s the problem of animal rights bothering you at state level or nationwide, or if you are in need for a sound and effective representation for issues like women empowerment, environment hazard issues and the likes, Shri. Anupam Tripathi is the man to go, for the High Courts or Supreme Court of India.



As Mr. Tripathi rightly puts it, “here at the Practice our mission is not to change the world but to save the world.” 


Q. I have a case which needs representation. How do I go about it? How do I get The Practice to represent me?


Ans. Call us at 9899874982 and seek an appointment for an in person Consultation in our office or a tele consultation at a mutually conveineint time and date in the immediate future. You may also email us at anupamtrip@gmail.com or mail@thepractice.in and send 3 paragraphs about your case details and seek an appointment. You can engage the Firm after consultation and opt for a fee plan which suits you among the fee plans offered to you. Check Fee Structure in this regard. 



Q. You have a very vibrant and a comprehensive Internship Program wich has scores of law students from accross the Country participating in it. Can you enlighten us on the process of evaluation of each such law student during such internship.



Ans. Below is a sample of the Comprehensive Grading/ Points System to assess performance of our Trainees/ Interns/ Ass. Associates/ Associates we at the Firm use:



Comprehensive Grading/ Ranking Points system for Ass. Associates/ Associates/ Trainees



Date of grading:


Tasks/ Work/ Professional Skills & Aptitude:


Tasks/ Work/ Professional Skills & Aptitude

Associate 1 Score of 10 points

Associate 2 Score of 10 points

Managing Partner Score of 30 points

Total Score of 50 Points


reading and searching cause list 






seeking date & Passover in a court 






filing documents in a court and seeking next date 






Appearing and arguing miscellaneous applications in Court 






Appearing and arguing in admission matters and other miscellaneous hearing matters in District Courts and District Forums 






studying case file 






case briefing 






assisting in court as junior co counsel 






legal research 






general & business research on google 






taking dictations 






drafting of a dictated document 






drafting of a legal document independently 






email & tele call follow ups with clients updating them on case status, next date, pending bills, follow up on bills payments 






. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in supreme court 






filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in delhi high court 






. filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in district courts 






filing of complaints, applications, petitions and other misc. documents in NCDRC, SCDRC, ITAT, CIT (A), district forums 






sending documents by speed post & courier: 






tele calls with potential clients/ important persons/ offices and fixing up appointment for meetings with them in the office of the firm or in their offices 






Assisting in Administration functions of office












Personal Outlook/ General Behaviour & Attitude:


Personal Outlook/ General Behaviour & Attitude

Associate 1 Score of 10 points

Associate 2 Score of 10 points

Managing Partner Score of 30 points

Total Score of 50 Points


Positive attitude/ confidence






Team work






Easy to work with






Reliable/ Punctual/ Responsible






Hard Working






Maturity/ Timing/ Situational Awareness






Common Sense/ Logic






Energy/ Pro Activeness






Leadership/ Decisiveness






Asset Value to the Firm






Over all pleasure to work with and would fit into your team for a crucial project each time












GRAND TOTAL= ____________ of ________ Points.

GRADE SCORED= ___________ of ________ Grades.


Sd-                                                                 Sd-                                                             Sd-


Associate 1                                              Associate 2                                               Managing Partner



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